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Wow, lots of great feedback!

Originally Posted by GalacticGS View Post
Would like to seen an event in Western US, but Baja is just fine as well.
We're not looking in Baja. Scotty's Baja Rally and NORRA have that covered. I'm looking to create a different type of experience. Diabolical will be on roads and open (roadless) terrain where there has never been off-road racing. Some of the roads we saw in scouting and prerunning don't look to have been used in decades. Others are more commonly used, but not for racing.

We were chased down during our bike prerun by an ejido owner asking what we were up to, since he never sees anyone in that desolate area. It turns out his son is a big Baja racing fan, so that 400,000 acre slice just became open for rally!!! On a later trip in a Dakar car we were stopped at gunpoint in a different remote area. Fortunately that same big ejido owner was with us, and smoothed things out. It's a unique challenge trying to get this done in an area unknown to racing.

Two weeks ago I was out there with Darren Skilton (many time Dakar car finisher). He was almost drooling over some of the terrain, saying “this is just like Dakar”. In general, the terrain is not enduro style tight technical. It’s more open, higher speed. Enduro style is not the only way to make things difficult though!

Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Have the event in March ( spring Break for most schools )
Our current target is around March/April/May. We were aiming for October, but Scotty slipped the Baja Rally in there.

Originally Posted by Motorfiets View Post
I know the heat is an issue but can we PLEASE have a rally during the summer... every single rally whether local or international is during the school year... which SUCKS
Have you been off-roading in the desert in 115 summer degree heat? That's a death wish! I've tried a few times, and learned my lesson. It WOULD be "diabolical", but nobody would come back the next year. Maybe you can talk RMS Dave into doing a rally school, or pry a few of the training roadbooks out of me and do your own practice ride in the Death Valley & Pahrump area on your own schedule?

Originally Posted by Scotty Breauxman View Post
Oh yea count me in. March
What???, I'm putting you to WORK on this one. If you want to race, you get a 5 minute penalty right from the start because you have too much inside information!

Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
...They also allowed competitors to restart the event if they did not finish one day but with a substantial penalty.
That will for sure be the way we do it.
New desert racing frontiers
It will be Devilish !
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