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Originally Posted by whizzerwheel View Post
Thanks for the compliments....

EvilClown may have his own take on this but I felt Ecuador was much less touristy than CR. Much less english spoken and very few North Americans traveling there. Now that said, we tend to stay away from the typical tourist areas and saw only a tiny bit of the country. It's about 5 times larger than CR and would take a lot more time to get the same feel for it that we did in CR after 3 trips there. There may be areas in Ecuador that are very touristy, and have lots of North Americans there...we just didn't get there. The only real tourist towns we went to were Otavalo, Mindo, and Banos. Out of those we only saw a couple of people from the states. As far as expense, it's a bit more expensive to get there but cheaper to travel in. Food, lodging, and fuel is way cheap in Ecuador.
Pretty much the same take on it. Only thing I might add is it appears to me in my limited exposure that they are currently gearing up for an increase in tourism with all of the infrastructure work including the new airport.
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