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Danny's Barbecue - Cary/Morrisville, NC 05/25/2013

New bike, gorgeous weather, holiday weekend.... barbecue, right? Well, that's what I thought. Couple guys at work had been talking about a place not too far away called Danny's Barbecue and speaking pretty highly of it. In retrospect, I should have paid attention to the fact that:
A) they're both from Florida
B) well, that should probably have been enough.

Danny's Barbecue

Three locations. I went to this one:
9561 Chapel Hill Rd
Morrisville, NC 27560

The fact that all their locations are in or very close to Cary, should have been another giveaway about what was to come. Cary is often referred to as an acronym for Containment Area for Relocated Yankees. But, I went anyway.

Got to the address and it's a f'ng strip mall... Tucked neatly between the Food Lion and the Dollar Tree, I found it. No place to get a pic of the bike in front and honestly, I didn't want to just yet...

The menu proudly proclaimed that they were voted the best in the area by a local TV station's viewers for one month in 1997. Really? Is this damning by faint praise or what???

What the hell... I'm here, right? And the menu also says "Lean meat, great sauce", so, you know, how bad could it be? Since barbecue is lean meat anyway, isn't that a fuzz redundant???

First thing I notice is that they don't serve hush puppies, but "texas toast" with their barbecue. Who the hell thunk this up? And they have something called "fried corn". I asked about it and it's a half ear of corn on the cob dropped in the fryer. Wondering at this point if I should just walk next door and get some chicken or something from the Food Lion cold case.

Here's an interior shot. It's bigger than this, but just imagine four copies of this pic arranged in a neat strip mall format:

Their sauce selection. Remember, it's "great sauce". So there.

Okay. I'm here. Go for it. Ordered the Barbecue Plate with fries (yeah, I know...) and green beans. Sorry, not feeling adventurous enough to try and slug down fried corn on the cob.

The food.
Texas toast. Seriously? And just some thick sliced white bread that had been toasted on one side a while ago? Not only was it not hush puppies, but it was the lamest excuse for "texas toast" I've seen anywhere. That frozen crap from the grocery store laughs at this.

Green beans. Canned and likely nuked. Not even the good brand of canned, but the generic crap that comes loaded with stems and other garbage. Passingly edible, but nothing more.

Barbecue. Simply, the most bland excuse for barbecue I've had. Ever. Completely tasteless. You know how meat you've cooked previously tastes when it comes reheated out of the microwave a couple days later? Yep. It had a vague barbecue-like look and texture to it, but nobody that actually enjoys it would mistake this for it. I'd expect better if McDonalds ever started selling Pork McBBQ or the like. Seriously.

The sauce. Four different ones. All unlabeled, but two were vinagery and two were ketchupy. Both the vinegar ones lacked even a vinegar taste and were indistinguishable from each other even though they looked a good deal different. The ketchupy ones - one was, well, ketchupy and the other was the same but with some drug store generic heat added to it. One word covers all four: awful.

Fries. Wow. This is going to sound odd, but they were the highlight of the meal. Frozen to begin with, of course, but cooked perfectly. Hot, crisp and tasty. Went well with the actual ketchup provided. Maybe that was the "tasty sauce" they mentioned. When I looked around and realized that everyone that worked there, friendly as they may be, probably got their food experience in a fast food joint, it made sense.

Oh yeah, the tea was watery.

Even if I had been able to get a picture of my bike with the sign/entrance, I wouldn't post it. This place did nothing but make me try to figure out the worst place I'd been to for barbecue. Didn't matter though. This is the new winner in that category. Hands down. By far.
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