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I got everything tied up and reassembled and rode it about 50 miles or so today. Everything seems good so far. No leaks and no oil smell in the exhaust. I guess only time will tell.

On a side note: Around 70,000 miles the fuel pump filters plugged up and it wouldn't start. Mostly out of curiousity and the chance of saving a few dollars I took the pump apart and put the filter assembly in an ultrasonic cleaner for a couple of hours. After reassembling it the pump was back to pumping 350mL in 10 sec. I wasn't sure how long this fix would last.

I checked it again while I had the bike apart and was waiting for parts. It was pumping around 200mL/10sec. I threw it in the ultrasonic cleaner again and it's back to 375mL. I just used Dawn dish soap in the cleaner. Works good for carburetors too.
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