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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Ok ... I'll have to wait till tomorrow evening to post the pictures ... I'm a tad outta control...
but I got the scope measurements done today, and the Cycle Electrics unit I got from Jack (a hellova guy I might add) here:

is actually quieter (less electrical noise) than the OEM unit.

In addition, while the OEM R/R was too hot to touch after 10 minutes or so of testing the Roadster unit was barely above room temperature at the end of our testing ... I'm really quite impressed.

My EE buddy is not surprised by the results, being the hyper-brilliant EE that he is, he pretty much expected it would turn out as it did...

I still have to make an adapter bracket to get the thing permanently bolted to the bike and then will do some ABS testing (at various levels of battery state-of-charge as Joel suggested) ... but based on the OScope traces we reviewed I am pretty sure there will not be any issues.
May I suggest, you start a new thread, and post it all up, as this might be the ticket. I am ready to try one, I think.

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