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Originally Posted by PhilB View Post
Actually, I have 207K on it so far. It's a '93, first year of production, bought new.

180K was how far it got without needing much of anything ever. Up to that point, aside from normal wear items, all I had done was piston rings at 122K, new brake discs at 125K, and a clutch basket at 140K. And that 15 cents a mile cost did include that I do have almost everything done at the dealer; I can do my own wrenching, but I'd rather not if I can afford to have someone else do it. I could have run it a fair bit cheaper than that if I did my own work, looked for used parts, etc.

From strictly a financial standpoint, I should have gotten a new bike about then, but I really like that bike and it fits me right, so I decided to go ahead and put in the money to make it last. Since 180K, I've replaced the carburetors, rear shock, done some electrical work, wheel bearings, master and slave cylinders, a few oil seals and gaskets, rebuilt the forks, stuff like that. I also got some CycleCat rearsets and Staintune pipes, neither of which were cheap. I'm due for brake discs again.

No deep engine work yet; the bottom end and transmission haven't seen daylight since it was built. I'm thinking of getting it rebuilt at 250K just for good measure; my goal is to see 500K on it eventually.

It gets 45 to 50 mpg, depending on how I ride it.

I know of several Ducs over 100K, mostly early '90's Monsters and 900SS's. Mine is one of only two I know of that is over 200K. The other is Gary Eagan's ST4 that he set a bunch of endurance riding records on in the early 2000's. He put about 225K on it before switching to another bike; that bike is at the Barber museum now and not accumulating any more miles.


Wow, I'm impressed! ... That shuts a lot of people up about Ducati reliability then doesn't it... LOL! And now it makes me want to pull my 93" 900SS out of the corner of the garage, go through it and put it back on the road! Sounds like it is WAY to "young" to retire. I never had any problems out of mine either, but then again, I don't have that many miles on it either. Still in really good shape too. I new they were reliable, I just wasn't sure about longevity in terms of racking up major miles, but you're changing my thoughts on that one now. Now you're also making me want to start shopping craigslist for an early mid 90's Monster 900 again...

And as far as doing my own work, it isn't so much that I can't "afford" to have it done as it is that I'm just too cheap. That, and after a couple of bad experiences, and knowing how a lot of shops and shop mechanics operate, I just trust myself much more than someone else and I tend to be sorta anal about my bikes. The only bike that I've owned in the last 20 years that I let someone else touch regularly was my 900SS back when John Hoffman was still living and operating Cycle Specialties of Athens, GA. I trusted John and he knew his Ducs. He was a cool dude too once you got to know him.
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