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Originally Posted by ferals5 View Post
They're not as old as us old plant mechanics
This is true in some cases!! Im only 34 so there pretty much my age!!

Ill put a couple pictures up of our old!!! power house for those interested. The thing you have to remember is the station is only visited once a year by our resupply ship and science is the main reason for being down here. The power house was constructed in the early 1980's. Even so it is nice to know that if something does shit it's self we know we will be able to fix it up here on station.

The main control unit.

Old technology but it works!!! You just cant kill a Cat 3306!!!!!

We use heat exchangers from the engines to convert energy into heat that is used to heat the buildings. No engines running means no heat for the buildings.
I am on call 24/7 if something goes wrong we have to be available to fix the problem.

Here are a couple more pictures of some of the equipment I work on down here. This is inside our workshop.

Also as the dieso on station we are the plant operators. Most of the big equipment is used for the clearing of snow that builds up around station. After a blow there might be more than 4 meters of snow built up in the wind drifts!

Over summer the station grows to almost 100. During this time a team of trades people are sent down to assist us winter tradies. Since the very first time tradesmen have been coming down here, there has been a summer trades picture taken. Here is just one board of photos.

This year we got a new excavator. Here is how we got it ashore. The ship in the background is the Aurora Australis the Australian icebreaker. Over summer we have a window of just over 1 months were there is no sea ice. In this time everything needs to be brought to station. The resupply ship is normally here for about 2 weeks. In this time we also have to resupply the station with fuel. This time we pumped almost 800000Lt onto the station over sea.
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