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If you're heading south, use the Pharr bridge. The bypass is open, 7 pesos will dump you out on 97, just north of the aduana checkpoint. Just cross the bridge and keep going straight south. Don't get off at the highway intersection.

If you're headed towards Monterrey, Anzalduas will keep you out of traffic, but there's no convenient money exchange places. There is one at the Soriana opposite the highway intersection, but their rates aren't great.
I think that must be what I did last time. My gps was glitching around the border so I went straight. I came to an abandon toll booth, not knowing where else to go I just went around the lowered gate and kept going. I never knew there was a city nearby. It all worked out. On the return trip the gps routed me right through Reynosa.

I have enough pesos for a couple of days, just have to be careful about weekends. Seems like I couldn't find an exchange or ATM over the weekend in Xilitla and the way things are looking were probably going to cross Friday this time.

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