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Lightweight bike.


Attitude needed for solo adventures.


But when the bike gets off the trail on a 45º angle of a mountainside with nowhere to go but back up onto the trail I depend on a Adventure Engineering EZ Pull to help get myself out.

It packs down to about the size of a pack of smokes and combined with a couple of slings and carabiners makes for a very small and lightweight recovery system. With these few items and a 15' tow strap I also stash behind my headlight I'm very prepared for recovering my or anyone else's bike while out riding, carried it for years before needing it but was glad to have the right tool for the job when I did. I also carry an Enduro Star trail stand that I could pound into the ground to provide an anchor point if there's nothing else around.

The EZ Pull™ is an extremely compact hand block and tackle system. Small enough to fit into a pocket or small toolkit.
500 pound capacity with 5:1 reduction ration
Can be configured for other ratios less than 5:1
48' of Spectra® cord give 9' of pull
Weight is less than half a pound

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