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thanks for the comment.

I believe anyone with moderate mechanical skills could do something like this, most likely more proficiently than I. It does take a few tools that the average shade tree mechanic probably doesn't own. ( in my case a set of Neway valve seat cutters and a couple of reamers)
Then there is deciding to do it. It's much easier to decide to fix something that is collectable. Deciding to fix a crashed, worn V-strom is a little more difficult, weighing the desire and means to just buy something else.

BTW, has you eliminated the vibration you mentioned earlier, and if so, what was the cause of it?
The engine is buttery smooth again, just like it was new. I haven't worked the engine too hard yet. In my 50 miles just a lot of speeding up and slowing down to break in the rings.

I don't know the cause of my engine vibration, but I suspect it was lower compression on the front cylinder from all the carbon build up. I cleaned out the second air reeds and those little chambers were completely packed with carbon crud. It's possible a valve was sticking or just not sealing properly from all the carbon build up.
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