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Originally Posted by JBSmith View Post
Since you brought it up...

Diffey: "The penalty was given to he and his teammate..." "Him"! Not "he". Or is that an Aussie thing?

Also, if you had a drinking game based on anyone on the NBC team saying


"no doubt about it"



you'd be falling-down drunk by lap 2.

+1 on the radios. They need an audio cut-out when the transmissions come on. To see how it shouldn't be done watch any Indycar race where the radio transmissions come on under the announcers, who don't pause for them, but instead talk over them. Why even have them?

Also less Matchett. He's taking over. Dial him back. I know a lot of people dislike Hobbs, but he's my favorite of the bunch. Doesn't shout to generate excitement where there isn't any, not afraid to needle the drivers, teams, and sport.
I used to dislike Hobbs, but lately I am liking him more for the reasons you say. Take Matchett's telestrator away and dial him back a bit I agree. Other than that I think they did OK, and the lucky bastards were there!

I guess there's going to be some drama over the tire test, but likely won't result in anything, and its a shame Grosjean is the only one penalized for Montreal (so far)
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