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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Just checked your thread on MV. (that's a place I will definitely avoid, even if I ever get a Vespa) Even more impressive, but I have to admit I would have gone to the emergency room right after the accident. But then I have insurance, so I understand. An amazing trip. To bad about what happened over there on that lousy forum. No disagreement allowed?
Hey Jerry,

I don't recall ever seeing you on MV so I'd question how you arrived at that conclusion? Disagreement runs rampant on nearly every forum I've ever attended and MV isn't much different. The exception over there is members have to take it outside if they want to fight and from everything I've seen that's not such a bad idea. Maybe the environment you were expecting was a full-fledged free-for-all or something close to one?

Not everyone buys into or agrees with what you or anyone else may have to say so perhaps that's not what you're looking for. As other people have already stated in this thread MV has a pretty well balanced membership, unlike what the moron who got kicked out would have you believe. Before dropping the axe on them I think you'd do better to gain some personal experience first.

If you're anti-Vespa [which I think you are] that's not important, there are plenty of other scooters on the market and many of them are as good or better quality. Most of us who ride Vespas realize that and have room in our worlds for other brands. Quite a few of us have actually owned and currently ride them, all without feeling the need to slam others who don't.

Besides all of the above you might be well advised to do a bit of research into your newest hero's credibility, his stories are concocted of 100% pure bullshit including the weepy tale about his epic ride around the country.

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