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Need Battery Tiger 800 XC in Guanajuato, Mexico

The battery of my Tiger 800XC is dead (un-chargeable)....the bike sat in my hotel lobby for two weeks and when I attempted to start the bike this morning it was dead. Had it charged and it would not hold a is dead. I do not speak any useful spanish yet. Tried AutoZone in Guanajuato, they do not carry any moto batteries. I am not pressed for time but would like to get going again soon. The battery and parts places are pretty much closed for the weekend so I will began looking again Monday morning.

If anyone has any usefull ideas I am all ears. It is a good bet that there is not going to be a battery for the Tiger in Guanajuato. Likely the nearest battery will be in Leon. I can always go to Leon by bus, get a battery and return to Guanajuato. It would be better to have the battery sent here and save a day on the bus.

The main problem is "no hablo espanol" and that makes locating a battery by phone all but impossible. I need a YTX16-BS battery for the Tiger.

Any ideas anyone?

Stuck, But Not in a Bad Place,

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