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Went for a quick spin on my bike yesterday To Indian Valley Reservoir and got to try out my new tires.

I did 120 miles of road and about 40 miles of gravel, dirt, small to big rocks and snow. On the road the tires handled good on the gravel the rear tire was was not loose but if you tried you could get the tire to slide very nice.

I road a very rocky section up by M5 in Stonyford and the rear tire gripped the rocks great and the tire did not chunk up. In the snow the tire went through the snow great as long as the snow was not a foot deep and hard.
The front and rear tire was great in the mud and both tires cleared out the mud great.

The front tire did not push out on me on high speed turns and the tire looks looks like it will last a while. The front tire was great in the gravel,dirt,rocks and snow. for the road only time will tell how this aggressive tire will hold up. I ran 30 psi in front and rear tires

Here is a picture of the way home back to Willows

That looks like a ton of fishing lead wrapped around your spokes. Like seriously 2/3 of a pound! Anything over like 5 ounces just seems wrong/sketchy.
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