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I have been to busy to look at ADVRIDER the last 10 days.Ive had fuel problems.First I found a small piece of rubber in my needle jet, that caused it to stick open or closed.Then I found the new inline fuel filter I installed wouldn't allow enough fuel to pass to the carburetor unless the tank level was high enough to push it through. I guess it was made for a car that had a fuel pump. Anyway, I got it running again.I straped on my spare tires and went to bed.Over night I thought it was too much to carry.I decided to take the front tire only.I will need to put it on in Vancouver.Thr rear tire I will buy when I get to Korea.Thats where they are made anyway.

I left Saturday morning and went 100 miles and stopped for gas.When I hit the starter button, nothing happened. I checked the voltage and had 12.0 and 5.1 cranking.Thats when Mike Ralston offers to help.He let me hold on to his truck to bump start it.I went to Walmart and let them check the battery.If it was a charging system problem I would be in big trouble.All road shops were closed till Tuesday because of the holiday.Luck for me it was just the battery. 3 hours wasted, but Im on the on the road again.

I road 533 miles to Williamsburg, Iowa.All rain once I got to Illinois.Sunday I road 786 miles to Spearfish, South Dakota. Again, mostly rain.I have 2 more long days to get to Vancouver.Wednesday my bike gets crated.And Friday me and the bike take separate flights to Korea.
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