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Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
I went to Fiji and stayed in the Sheraton for my 25th wedding anniversary.

Day 1, wife buys me a rum based beverage and I go to swim across resort "adults only" pool to collect same.....knee dislocates.

Old injury that my grunt days didn't help. I twisted it and wiggled it and it appeared to go back in, full range of movement, can't stand on leg.

Torn anterior cruciate and soft tissue damage.

6 weeks until my Cape York bike trip.

My lucky streak is running red hot.

I can spend $1000 on MRI's and then another $6000 on a rec....or I can buy a pair of Asterix knee braces and just harden the fuck up.

Worst case....I'll wreck my knee. I don't see a down side.
Should have picked the Tequila.... Nothing happens when you sip Tequila..... Rum on the other hand....
6 weeks to heal... I'm sure you'l make it.

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