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Danny, Thanks for starting this thread! Your thoughts and commentary on the 1190 now have me thinking that an 1190R may be replacing my 07 990A next year. Your pics are great!!

One question I have; What kind of range are you getting? With my 990 I have to carry extra gas on some of our rides. I'm only getting around 170 miles/tank (274 km) riding loaded for weekend camping. In a perfect world, I'd love to see 220 mi (350 km) plus out of a stock tank. However, riding conservative to max your gas milage just isn't possible on a big KTM!

That 700 looks sweet! Doubt we ever see them here in the states...

Enjoy the new toy! I guess the only advantage to us getting the 1190 later than anybody else, is that you can get them sorted out perfectly so we know what will work.

Thanks again, Danny
KTM 990A (gone)
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