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apologies for lack of pics and too much ranting.

this is further pic from rest stop, amazing colours of the water and mountains.

it was very hot by now, my jacket was actually hot to the touch on the outside and wet to the touch on the inside, strange but true.....!!!

more mountains and stinky jacket.

I think I was heading towards a place called Chur, but truthfully I didn't care as at least I was moving and that helped cool things down.

It was as I had imagined, big skies, big mountains and big everything.

I kept her lit and eventually started going uphill, gently, gently, but definintely uphill.

The snow capped mountains were nearing and rising ever higher and closer in front of me. I was happy and apprehensive as I am not mechanical in any way
and didn't want to be breaking down somewhere up there.....

The weather closed in a bit I was thinking but really I was just going so high I was going into the clouds.

It started to look a bit like the sound of music, well sort of..!

By now - I was very tired - after shitty sleep the night before and melting in Zurich. I didn't pass or go through Chur and I didn't even notice.

It was just a slow steady climb.

Then I could see the road was getting icy, slippy, icy again. the corners were getting tighter, road getting smaller, steeper, much colder and mistier !!

And i was getting very tired but as all paddies do I just kept going, no stopping to put on some warmer layers, no turning back to get some coffee or shelter.

It started to snow.....jaysus this isn't funny was as cold as the proverbial witches tit and then I was in the snow level.

It was coming at me sideways and road was so slippy, great fun but as paddies do, onwards thick paddy.

by now I wasn't thinking straight at all, it took all my concentration to navigate the tight turns and the icy snowy stuff on the road but it felt great anyway.

it felt a long way from the nice rest stop way below. i met no cars, trucks and no bikes in all this time.

i suspect sane people were watching the forecast !

As I rounded one corner it was clear up ahead and I saw 2 men standing beside their bicycles and one bent down over a gas thing and pot, looked like they
were making tea or coffee, one was an asian man the other caucasian and both were in their cycling gear. God they must be frozen I thought and how did
they get up this far on those roads.

Nevermind that I said to myself, I wondered could they spare a sip of coffee, so I came up to them slowly, they saw me and smiled. I stopped carefully and took off
my helmet and when I looked round they were not there !! gone !! what the F**k !!

By now I knew I must be tired. I had pulled in beside them, they had even smiled at me for god's sake.

So, not a sip of coffee, I was getting jittery !! mighty fun indeed.....this was now an adventure !!!

Nothing else but keep going and eventually I went over and started down the other side, I still don't know which pass or road it was but next time I
would be more prepared for sure and better dressed.

I whizzed down the other side, I think I was in Silvaplana Saint Moritz area but not so sure. Either way I was soon headed for Chiavenna in the great country
of Italia !!

It poured down all the way into Chiavenna but my mind was resolutely fixed on one thing (well, mostly on the one thing) - food !! drink !!! food !!

I knew a place just south of Chiavenna called the Moreschi Bakery - it is one of the best coffee houses I have ever been in.

And by the time I got there I would have eaten anything, I didn't feel the cold by now as I was down to my core, no feeling in legs or arms.

I know you guys have been to this level ! it goes with the territory.

Pulled in. didn't see any cyclists making coffee !!!

spremuta arancia - pure fresh squeezed orange juice, done while you wait.............!!!!!

cappuccino, due crema brioche..........!!!! fantastico !!!

definite must for anyone within 50 km of Chiavenna - Moreschi Bakery, it's big, it's bright and it's perfect......lunch, dinner or snacks....and staff are very cute !

almost human again, two more coffees and i was getting there but i was a soggy mess again.........did i say i had learnt that i should put on rain wear if it
started to rain..........thick as an ass and now i was wet as an ass.

So back in the saddle again and riding out on the range....feeling much much better even in the downpour.

next stop - lago di como.....!!!!
. ciao ciao
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