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I'll play a little bit of Devil's advocate here and say that I don't really blame the woman for not talking to the press. "No comment" would have been vastly more appropriate than making up all those silly excuses, but were I in her position, I definitely wouldn't be shooting my mouth off to any reporters at that point.

"Accessory to Attempted Murder" is a very serious charge and saying the wrong thing to a reporter could result in such charges, or others. I certainly am not advocating lying to an officer or covering up for someone, which also would likely result in charges, but I wouldn't just start spewing my mouth off to some reporter who could very likely take my remarks out of context or any number of other things. She may be also under a very real danger of having Child Protective Services remove her child from her custody, (assuming the child is hers.)

Were it me, I would give a short and sparse, but accurate report to the responding officer, but would want to consult with an attorney before making a detailed statement and would want one present for questioning. I would never lie, but I certainly would not want to be tricked into giving up my right not to offer evidence that would incriminate myself.

Furthermore, while I don't know her relationship to the man in the car, we also have the right not to offer evidence that would incriminate our spouse. I am not saying that I might not, at some point in the process, decide it's the right thing to do (offer evidence that would incriminate myself or my spouse), I just would want to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing and what the legal implications would be before I decided to give up my fifth amendment rights.

The idea that dodging the questions of a reporter is an obstruction of justice is quite frankly, just silly. We have no idea what she said to the officers or for that matter what really even happened.
All good information and theories, but there's one aspect I think was missed (unless I missed it in the other comments).

If the guy has that much of an anger problem that he would purposely wreck a motorcycle, she's almost certainly in an abusive relationship. It's amazing how compliant the victim of abuse can be, almost like a form of Stockholm Syndrome. I've witnessed this many times in friends' relationships. Someone goes.from being headstrong and opinionated to meek and accepting. Even moreso with a child involved.
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