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Originally Posted by EJ_92606 View Post
The lower piece is the one I call the hugger which comes on many dual sport bikes, the bike only comes with one of those...the upper fender you get two pieces, a large and small size and you get a front fender extender also.
It sounds like you mean the "possum scaper"? The part that wraps around the rear of the wheel attached to the end of the swing arm. I believe the intent of this part is to stop anything that gets stuck to the rear tire from getting thrown up under the back of the bike. I have never heard of anyone with 2 of those for a Multi. All new bikes are supposed to be delivered with 2 rear fenders, one smaller (shorter and more narrow) and the other one big (longer, wider and more squared off at the end). They are also supposed to come with the front fender rear extender. It's a black piece which is a total PITA to install. Many times I have hear of dealers not giving them to new buyers, myself included. I had to go back and demand mine.

You can see my possum scraper in the pic at the back of the rear wheel (and I have the short rear fender installed):

I have no idea what else it is called, I've only ever heard it called that by BMW GS guys.

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