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First of all I've been keeping up with this thread and agree with just about everyone in that this guy at the very least needs to lose his license if not permanently, then at least for a few years and have proof that he has been getting professional help in managing his anger. I've gotten pissed about idiots on the road but that doesn't give me the right to blatantly try to cause them to have an accident and possibly killing them. I just leave them be and talk myself.

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But motorcycle tires are usually far stickier than a car tire and have much higher friction with the road surface. I just can't believe a stock car will outcorner a stock GS unless the car is an s2000 or a vette for example(which also should come with stickier tires)
Honestly most stock sports cars can usually brake later, harder, and carry more corner speed than a bike (lets assume that both are using stock tires). There are a lot of factors at play but having much more rubber on the ground helps. Motorcycles tend to kick a cars ass accelerating out of the corners and their ability to make a nearly straight line through esses. Of course it would take a very good driver to brake as late and carry the speed that some are capable of. I remember reading an article a while back where they had telemetry of both a bike and a car on the same track. The bike destroyed the car, but only because it was much much faster accelerating from the corners.
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