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Originally Posted by Motorcyclist View Post
Indy is always going to be pack racing. It is difficult to run side by side through the corners at that speed, and then you factor in those with the best set-up and it limits who can run at the front. The case this year is that there were probably 10 cars with a legitimate shot to win the race, and the lead pack was often 6-8 cars at any one time. There was a lot of racing within the packs as well, and all day drivers were getting shuffled back, then having to make their way back up the order.

Had it gone green to the end there is no telling who would have won, but TK ran up front all day and if it had to end under caution, I'm glad he was the guy in the lead.
I have a shaky memory but I don't remember a race like this one. Typically a fast car is able to pull away, before yellows bunch the field again.

This time they all stayed in touch, swapping places every lap. As I said, when passing is this cheap, it doesn't really feel like racing.

I assume it's the new formula, although I don't remember last year being this bad. It stretches credulity to believe that so many teams prepared cars with identical performance. I'm not sure if IndyCar thinks it's a problem or not. We'll see, I guess.

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