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Here in the islands we have a very strong ethic of No Hurt or Broken Down Rider Get's Roosted, somebody is always looking out for you! If you need a Tube, Sip from a Hydration Pack, a Fistfull of Poi, Sparkplug Wrench, CR250R Brake Pedal or even Medical Attention you're kind of covered. Now if your just a whiner that has his panties bunched up or got Sand in His Clit, we have something for you too!

Most, OK, Some, of the island folks take a lot of pride in their machines and Clean, Maintain and Pimp them with gusto and Credit Card Bills. To honor those few, there was a Slickest Bike Contest, two top bills are both of the 450 Class and are of Asian origin:

Bo's WR:

Ben's CRF-X:

You can't have a Mauna Kea 200 Make-Up ride just for fun, so just for organizational purposes we made a Starting Line to get everybody together and organized for the "Ride" as well as get an accurate head count of who was going around the White Mountain. Since there wasn't a DLNR Permit to build/paint/ribbon the line we quickly decided to use an evaporative material. Riders lined up (The WR250 would suffer a Puka'd (Holed) radiator later):

The 300XC would suffer a seizure later as a result of the Puka in the Radiator, the Husaberg 300 would suffer a tweaked rear fender as a result of the tow strap to the seized KTM, some sort of Sibling Rivalry Spat.....

Auwryt, time to go do some Cliff Diving or somethin....
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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