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Low-End Rating:5 High-End Rating:7 Rating of 7: driver experience might make a big difference. Drivers new to wheeling a modified vehicle may want to learn on easier trails before moving up to ones with this rating. The obstacles may not be tougher if the right line is found, but a wrong line could be extremely difficult or dangerous. The possibility of rollovers and body damage is present, though almost all experienced drivers with modified vehicles should get through these trails without any issues.
Today was definitely a great day to take the Jeep the out. The back roads all over the front range were clogged up with tourists, RVs and choppers riding 10mph under the limit, so we grabbed the map and looked for an open nearby FS road that we haven't hit up yet. Had the trail damage website not been down this A.M. I probably wouldn't have attempted the trail but luckily we ran into these guys from Hooligan Offroad out there and they showed us around. I was the only rig out there on 31s, but with some good spotting I made it through all the obstacles.
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