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It's always good to see old friends

As we get closer to home we start seeing familiar faces, which feels very good.
In Atlanta, we met one of Vasile’s former high-school class-mate. They haven’t seen each other since they graduated high-school.
 photo IMG_8795_zpse16fc555.jpg

And we learnt that age is just a number when it comes to riding bikes too
 photo IMG_8794_zpsdb405f6a.jpg

After Atlanta, we headed to Nashville. The ride was very boring, just flat and very windy as we entered the Tornado Alley.
In the meantime we had the very pleasant surprise to be contacted by some friends of Vasile’s, Kelly and Matt from San Francisco. Turned out they just bought a house it Nashville and were there renovating it, so we had to meet up. I was so looking forward to meet these guys, as I heard lots of stories from Vasile: the two crazy people who ride two up on the most impossible trails, making it look like it’s nothing. And now I totally understand Matt’s passion as he’s been riding bikes since he was 8 and he’s really good at it. But Kelly, to ride on the back seat on those crazy trails with no fear, completely trusting her husband and thoroughly enjoying it....she’s my hero!
We had some great times telling stories of our trip, watching videos of their rides (there’s been a lot of “Oh my god!!!” in there while watching), having some delicious tacos that Matt made and some good beer. Unfortunately in the excitement of the meeting we forgot to take any pictures, we only took a picture of the food (we’re hungry people).
 photo IMG_8798_zps8a4f3d51.jpg

Thanks again Theresa, Matt and Kelly for you hospitality!
Next we headed to Colorado to visit a friend we met in San Felipe, Baja (Mexico) at Kiki’s Campground while I was there recovering. Pete has stayed there for a few months, over the winter, and now he was back home in Colorado.
The ride to Colorado was even more boring and the winds were so strong, at times I thought they would blow me off the road like a leaf. In those moments I was regretting I lost weight So we just kept going, and stop only to gas up, and use the same stop to have a snack, stretch and use the washroom.
 photo IMG_8814_zps840732fe.jpg

 photo IMG_8815_zpse594fdc5.jpg

We did one stop in somewhere in Missouri, at a motel by the highway, and the next day I did for the first time my 1000 km in one day (1050 more exactly). And like the wind, heat and flat straight highway was not enough fun, Vasile’s bike ran out of gas. Because of the wind, the bikes consumed a lot more than usual, so we did not expect that. We tried to stop someone and I was absolutely shocked to see that NO ONES even slowed down to see what our problem was. Then we decided to hold the jery-can, but still no one stopped.
 photo IMG_8809_zps9e094563.jpg

So Vasile took my bike, that still had a drop of gas left, and decided to go back to the closest gas station. The plan was that if he runs out of gas on my bike too, he would flintstone it to the gas station But he managed to get there on the bike and came back with gas.
On the way to Pete’s place we decided to do the Pike Speak Hwy. Half way up, we met the sheriff, who told us that he was going to close the road. But he let us continue, with the promise that we would be very careful. It had just started to snow.
 photo IMG_8842_zps65e7ceca.jpg

 photo IMG_8844_zps99dcedac.jpg

 photo IMG_8847_zps4f8a5f5f.jpg

 photo IMG_8856_zps13a346f6.jpg

 photo IMG_8858_zps9eaf03f2.jpg

 photo IMG_8860_zps4794e64f.jpg

 photo IMG_8861_zpsd2f34cc5.jpg

When we got to Pete’s place we were most impressed with the landscape. His house is in a remote place close to San Luis. He built the house with its own electricity system, water and everything, so he has no bills to pay except the satellite internet. And the interior of the house looks like a luxury wooden cabin, just beautiful! And from every window of the house, the view is just incredible.

 photo IMG_8870_zps0e8976d5.jpg

 photo IMG_8901_zpsc4c47953.jpg

And this is the bed we had the pleasure to sleep in, like kings.
 photo IMG_8890_zps558036cc.jpg

It was really good to see him again and catch up.
 photo IMG_8874_zps4e7a46dc.jpg

The next day Vasile got to drive his military truck and his Harley Davidson off road. We were afraid that he would want to trade his KTM for a Harley now

 photo IMG_8897_zps18a4122b.jpg

 photo IMG_8912_zps0e5c8a27.jpg

Around noon we hit the road again heading to Moab, Utah, where we were supposed to meet some good friends from Vancouver.
 photo IMG_8916_zps5a4c336b.jpg
 photo IMG_8918_zpsad0f377d.jpg

We missed Moab. We used to go there mountain-biking . We almost forgot how unbelievably beautiful it is.
 photo IMG_8931_zps71e4a354.jpg

 photo IMG_8935_zps8adc5c55.jpg

 photo IMG_8938_zpsb3f9b291.jpg

In the evening we managed to get to Moab and found Bogdan and Greg at the campsite. An explosion of tight hugs followed. And then beers and laughs till late in the night.
Two days later another three friends of ours arrived, two of which we started this trip with: Robin and Matt, and they brought our friend Ehren with them too.
 photo IMG_9098_zps23e51149.jpg

Robin and Matt will continue the trip with us for another week or so, while Ehren will have to head to Vancouver faster (some people do have to work, unlike others)
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