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i made my way easily south to the lake, even in the crappy weather it is beautiful.

this was to be the bikes new home for a while and i introduced her around to some of the nice places, great roads and hills.

so far on this trip she was perfectly well behaved, not a word from her, first time starts everytime !!

so i took another snap for the album..

this one is down by the ferry area in nice and tranquil......i just sat in the rain and soaked it up (the atmosphere, not the rain !)

this one shows Bellagio in the background and the clouds moving about down Mr Clooney's part of the lake.

what more could you ask for ?

food, of course and some vino, to be sure !!!

no time to arse about....

i headed on but had to stop at a famous stream/river which only flows at certain time of year...!! it is called Fiumelatte (milk river ?) and is quite a torrent when
it gets seems it is from the melting ice high up and goes underground much of the way down to surface just south of Varenna.

The great man Leonardo da Vinci tried to find its source but could not....or so it is said. and how could i argue with that !

and another of this milky river...

went to get back on her ladyship but saw this so another photo, crappy but it kind of shows what a cool place this is at anytime..

food for god's sake, get going..

slipped down to Mandello del Lario to Albergo Grigna.....highly recommended, friendly, good food and all that.

reason i went in there the first time was, i saw some workmen heading in there at lunch time one day and these guys would know a good spot for sure.

i ordered black pasta ravioli with salmone or at least i think that was what it was......!!! very good, with some bread and wine and big dessert to follow..

I don't remember where I spent that night, but it will come back to me eventually.

next morning it was sunny, i went into Varenna to look around the piazza..

very nice.........and the victoria hotel has a great pizzeria it's in the background of the photo above.

tiny church (there are churches everywhere) only about 14 feet wide i think

another church..this one has really old drawings of the devil himself on the walls inside...........a bit creepy but it made you think !

I think it is called San Griorgio church, not sure though.

Right So.....I have a whole day to kill i headed round the lake going north and back down the other side just for a spin...

stopped here near a marina north of Menaggio somewheres

the worst part (and its not a major thing at all) is not being able to speak the language......I have enough to get fedded and bedded but no more than that.

(the Italian people are obviously so very kind, loving, family people and tolerate us masses of tourists all year long, but it would be nice to shoot the breeze a bit
with them. I think you learn a lot about people in watching the way they deal with their kids, it speaks volumes..!)

(And in Italy they treat kids so well, it is amazing.)

the green and the blue...

spotted a big house on edge of the lake - it was used in a Bond movie - casino royale - i the end Mr Bond shoots some guy outside this house ?!

sorry, the picture below is a better looking house though.....i thnik it is split up as many luxury apartments now.

Earlier I had met up with my very good friend and as is his way, he came across the lake in his red speedboat.....very cool...!!!

He picked me up and we motored to a great lakeside resaturant - Varenna Caffe.

this was just one of the dishes on offer, and man did we eat some good stuff there !

this is the view from where you eat !

So to continue back round the top of the lake, it was very bright and time was marching on.

Stopped to take pics of lake and villages, see below.

I had to fly back home soon so was getting a bit of a downer by now.

some stuff i cant recollect (my memory sucks when i need it to !) but I had figured to go up to one of the passes the next morning just for the halibut !
so blank blank blank and soon it was morning again !
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