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FWIW, I'm doing the Baja rally because you made the roadbooks, I have great faith in your judgment.

Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
1. How many days of racing would you like? Remember there’s also a registration/tech day ahead of the first race day, and probably a half day after the final race day for awards.

4-5 is ideal, I think. Fewer doesn't get the whole experience, more becomes logistically challenging.

2. How many hours of racing per day (assuming moderate to extremely challenging terrain)?

Fundamentally, what is the purpose of the rally? Challenge or enjoyment?

My preference would be for longer/ harder, with time checked bail outs. The men make all the sections, the boys get time limited out, bail to a shortcut, and start the next day with a penalty. Anyone who makes all the sections beats anyone who missed any of them.

~6-8 hours is a Dakar stage for someone who is on it, I can't see it being longer than that. But please feel free to add Liaison to get us to interesting places!

3. How difficult should the navigation be? Different difficulty on each day?

Should depend on the terrain. Organically, some places are easier, some are harder, no need to manipulate that.

4. How difficult should the terrain be? Different on each day?

Hard/ sure.

5. Would you like zero, one, or two optional short non-timed “practice” stages to get used to the roadbooks, unique navigation, and unique terrain in the area? Would you come one or two days early to do the practice stage(s)?

Zero, depends.

6. Would you like to camp in a bivouac, Dakar style, or pay for hotel rooms a ways away from the start/finish?

Depends/ mix of would be ideal. The Amitie had 4-5 nights in hotels, 2-3 camping, and that was nice. Being just the rally camped somewhere in the desert really brought us together, getting a shower after a while was most welcome.

7. Are paved liaison sections a major pain, or a minor inconvenience? How far is too far if you have a morning and evening paved liaison?

Part of rally, should be included, 800km at a whack seemed like too far.

8. Which would you prefer:
...a. Moving bivouac (i.e. Dakar and NORRA Mexican 1000, more liaisons, more taco stands).
...b. Fixed bivouac (stationary camp, no need
for chase crew, no long drive back to the border after you're done).

Whatever the terrain demands.

9. Would you be willing to pay 3 times more if it was in Western USA instead of Northern Mexico?


10. What could be done to attract traditional Baja racers without turning it into another SCORE race?

I think the opportunity is as much with people who used to race timekeeping enduros, and miss that, as it is with brain dead San Bernadino methhead SCORE whackos (obviously, there are lots more great people that race SCORE, but I don't think the mental challenge of rally is going to appeal to them all).

I'd share it with people at the D37 enduros, etc, and try to get some of the folks who won't race SCORE because they don't want to tangle with trophy trucks involved.
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