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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post

1. How many days of racing would you like? Remember there’s also a registration/tech day ahead of the first race day, and probably a half day after the final race day for awards.

Expanding a bit more: Lenth of rally...its should either be a weekend long so minimal time is needed to take off...or just be a full week long because many of us are going to travel from across country so if I am taking the time off I might as well have a long event.

2. How many hours of racing per day (assuming moderate to extremely challenging terrain)?
The Australian days were up at 5 to stretch, bathroom, get suited up, eat, double check bike, roll off the line around 7 or 8 am depending on the day. We were all back in by 6 at night with the fastest in around 2pm. This worked well.

3. How difficult should the navigation be? Different difficulty on each day?
[COLOR="rgb(72, 209, 204)"]depends on how long the stages are. If it is crazy difficult navigation and 400 miles of riding many people will be lost or stuck out at dark. My trip out in 2007 was my first time navigating but it was tricky enough given it was all new terrain (used to trees and rivers and rocks and trail junctions. Nevada was faint rabbit trails, non descript washes etc. Your idea of difficult navigation and mine might differ. Perhaps mix things up. Start out with some faster less technical days to get people used to the terrain and days and then start amping up the people start to worry when the day is short.. [/COLOR]

4. How difficult should the terrain be? Different on each day?

5. Would you like zero, one, or two optional short non-timed “practice” stages to get used to the roadbooks, unique navigation, and unique terrain in the area? Would you come one or two days early to do the practice stage(s)?

[COLOR="rgb(72, 209, 204)"]depends on where and when the race is. a practise stage would be handy but traveling 3000 miles cross country takes a while so a few extra days for practise might not be in the schedule. [/COLOR]

6. Would you like to camp in a bivouac, Dakar style, or pay for hotel rooms a ways away from the start/finish?

[COLOR="rgb(72, 209, 204)"]Dakar style would be fine...especially if one of those shower/bathroom trucks is on hand. [/COLOR]

7. Are paved liaison sections a major pain, or a minor inconvenience? How far is too far if you have a morning and evening paved liaison?
[COLOR="rgb(72, 209, 204)"]an hour on each end is bearable. When they get longer then that they really start getting tedious[/COLOR]

8. Which would you prefer:
...a. Moving bivouac (i.e. Dakar and NORRA Mexican 1000, more liaisons, more taco stands).
...b. Fixed bivouac (stationary camp, no need for chase crew, no long drive back to the border after you're done).
9. Would you be willing to pay 3 times more if it was in Western USA instead of Northern Mexico?
[COLOR="rgb(72, 209, 204)"]Possibly as it would ease in travel and logistics to get there. [/COLOR]

10. What could be done to attract traditional Baja racers without turning it into another SCORE race?

How many of you would want in on the Diabolical Rally (assuming Mexico)? We’re aiming for no limits on entry numbers, but we need to get an idea how much interest there is.
[COLOR="rgb(72, 209, 204)"]It sounds good right now. Dates and costs will have to be evaluated when the time comes. It would certainely be easier to shipping everything to another country. [/COLOR]
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