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Menards had a deal on some mechanic gloves for 4.99$, so I grabbed a pair. They seemed fine, but then after awhile the palm seemed to stretch out quite a bit. Not only that, but the dye they used turned my hands a nice black\blue.

I tossed them in the wash, so I'm hoping they shrink up a touch.

On top of that, the WZ290F is acting up again. It's losing coolant, and was making some disgusting random noise. The water loss is coolant pump related as it's leaking out the weep hole. The noise....I dunno. I'm hoping it's a situation of just the water pump impeller maybe being loose? I dunno. I've been too annoyed with it, and far too pleased with the WR450F to really care.

Speaking of riding, we spent some time riding at the "DD Farm" on Saturday. Aside from chafing my knees (forgot my knee guards), I found that I'm having a hell of a time with my flat ground right hand turns. Left hand isn't as much of an issue, because I can trail brake as I like, and be a bit more aggressive on the throttle\clutch at the same time. I spent some time working on it, but as my knees were essentially bleeding from pushing them into my tank with no protection, it made being too aggressive a real pain.

Suggestions for working on this? I spent some time doing the Shane Watts circle\square drill. I also spent a lot of time working on the exact turn I was having an issue with. I got quicker as I began to trust just putting my weight on the outside foot, and just throttling, while keeping my eyes up ahead. Not sure what else to do. Hire a coach? Ride with some AA guys?

I also need to dial in some rebound damping on the WR. That bike will get a little funny the more I push it.

Off to finish some work, then take my wife to Chicago for our anniversary tomorrow and then head to the UP on Thursday. Put some good miles on the WR

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