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Originally Posted by naginalf View Post
Has anyone had any experience with the Tubliss system, I've heard great things about it. Unfortunately they don't make a 17" version, but all the more reason to get a 18" rear rim installed eventually. I plan to put one in my front tire for now tho.

I was thinking of cheaping out on tires this summer and trying the shinko 244's until I get the money for the 606's and a rear wheel. How are people installing either of these tires on a rear stock rim, ie. with tube or is it possible to do so without (both are supposedly tube type)? Do you need a rim lock for tube tires? I don't really want to drill the stock rim.

My previous tires that came with the bike were Metzler Sahara 3's. I didn't get to ride much on them but the rear did wear quite fast. They were awesome in everything I took them in tho, road, wet, and gravel. Never had the least bit of traction issue at all and they wore evenly. Great tires if you don't mind the price and the wear.
I thought Tubliss was strictly for off road? Not designed for highway use at all and not recommended.
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