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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
Dakar boycotting Bolivia may or may not be the right call, but who else has had the balls to bring up the subject of an American being held (without charges or criminal conviction) against his will for going on 2 years?

How is this something to make fun of Penn about? He is attempting to DO SOMETHING, which it would seem is beyond those of us here.

And spezjag, how does this (or Iraq) have anything to do with Penns (or anyone else's) sexualty? Is the F.A.G. an acronism for something else or are you just a total tool?

Nicely put brents347... A Dakar boycott may not be the right call but as you say he's addressing an issue of concern. There are always those who miss/don't care/or really don't get the point and take the opportunity to provide a knee-jerk response to dis someone they dislike (in this case I'm guessing political viewpoints)... Suggest they pull their heads out of the Dakar sands (or wherever it seems to be stuck) and constructively comment.

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