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Originally Posted by bikerfish View Post
wouldn't that suck!!!!
I've heard about that type of traction control and such, no doubt it's in use, and it wouldn't be that difficult to do with the technology available.
I still think the engines are about the same, be too hard to judge when and where certain engines would be used, and if you lose one early, then the entire season could be shook up because you had to use engine tuned for tracks a,b,c, instead of the one tuned for tracks d,e, and f.
just seems like it wouldn't be worth chancing.
GP bikes are like nothing else. I was watching Lorenzo at Laguna a few years back and he was doing a practice start between turns 4 and 5. He totally binned it with way too much throttle into turn 5. Looked like something I would do. His excuse was that the traction control doesn't kick in that fast after a start and entered the corner with the same throttle that he always did.
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