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Originally Posted by kirb View Post
The motorcycle mags will be all over this bike when it hits. That will bring enough hype for the target market. Expect the same social media/mag media hype as before. You only need 200-400 sales a year if you believe the mfg targets stated early on (directly from the founders).
I think you're right about that, but have to say, if you're only going to sell 200-400 units a year, it's foolish to have 'dealers'. Why share the profits for that low of a volume. Might as well throw in a factory tour and have people fly and ride or toss in free truck freight delivery for $30k+.

The biggest problem Motus will have when and if they do get production bikes out, is that the Mags will do a shoot out with other Sport Touring bikes like the FJR and C-14, R1200RT and while the Motus will be sexy as hell, it will be the only chain drive bike and the C14 will probably walk away from it, if not the FJR too. Hp on paper is one thing, in the real world, it's another. Not to mention all the other aspects they will compare. Bolt on Givi bags on a $30k bike don't look that... inspired.
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