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Don't dodge the point Jerry, I know that You know about threshold braking, but what about the others, Jerry.

It is something you should have to learn if you are going to ride a motorcycle. Motorcycles are not for everyone, nor should they be. It takes a lot more skill to ride a motorcycle and not get killed than it does to drive a car. If you are not willing to make the commitments that riding a motorcycle requires, then you should not be riding.

Back in the late '70s I raced MX. And that is what it was, racing. Everybody crashed, and got banged up. The gear of the time was pretty pathetic, and so was the suspension. But, nobody did anything totally crazy, like they do now. I'm talking about "freestyle MX" where about the tamest thing they do is backflips in mid air. Even Evel Knievel wasn't dumb enough to try something like that. I certainly thing riding a bike in traffic without ABS is a whole lot safer. My guess is the reason for such "extreme" sports is that these idiots got bored with safe, and decided to go just a bit to far. Riding a bike in a normal manner is not as safe as driving a car. And the fact is, MOST people should stick to cars. Motorcyclists by nature are risk takers. They are also willing to deal with inconveniences like heat, cold, rain, no way to carry stuff, etc. that most are not.

I see motorcyclists as being a lot like pilots were back in the '20s and '30s. I was a pilot once, for all of 2 years, back in the early 80s. Could not afford to put enough hours in my logbook to keep my license. But flight school was mainly about one thing. Safety, safety, and more safety. Nothing was ever said about fun. And there were FAA rules to cover absolutely everything, to make positively sure you did not have any fun. Of course, other than the pleasure of flying itself, there isn't much you can do in a utility aircraft. I always envied those who did aerobatic flying. I never had the chance to get into anything like that.

I go to work, and what do I see? Safety signs everywhere. Safety glasses, gloves, and steel toed boots. Safety rules everywhere. We have a safety rule book 4" thick. Now, I have no desire to get hurt, but I wish they would give me a little credit for being able to think for myself, and use some common sense to avoid getting hurt (I have a nearly perfect work safety record over the past 35 years, and I break their rules right and left. Have to if you are going to get anything done) My belief is that safety comes from skill, experience, and the right attitude. All three are absolutely essential for riding a motorcycle. I bought myself a 6' step ladder recently. I spent the better part of an hour with a heat gun peeling about 20 safety stickers off of it. It only needed one, that said "do not use this ladder if you do not know how" I mean, enough is enough.

This is an ADVENTURE riding site. By it's very nature, adventure riding means taking risks. Risks many would consider unacceptable. I guess I just have a hard time believing someone who would ride a motorcycle around the world, or from Alaska to the tip of South America, would even give a rat's ass about ABS. But then no beginner is likely to undertake something like that. Enjoy the video. No ABS on that bike. Just fun.

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