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Originally Posted by sfront View Post
And Gasser's 200 is still on the original piston.........
That's not an issue with Stan's 300, certainly not after this weekend anyway.....

So after a brief waterfall and wetness adventure there was another BBQ (I should have gotten some shots). For you FF's that thought Cliff Diving might have been a Typo here's some imagery:

I'm not Chinese but apparently I look it when I have aHead Cold....

Super fun time up there!

OK, so back to Day 2, after urinating a Starting Line for the R-1 around the mountain crew we took the four ladies back towards Hilo to ride Mana/Keanakolu Road (Name changes depending on which side of the island you start on). I didn't have any more coffee, beer, Gatorade or water in me and the ladies weren't about to Duck Walk across the gravel so no Starting Line for them...

Right before they take off Lehua's 200 refuses to start, at 7,000+ Feet nobody want's to do a lot of kicking so a tow start is attempted... No Go! Bike get's flipped over, sparkplug is out, and a bunch of water and White Goo comes out, rains on the trip home on Saturday are blamed.... It fires and they line up:

Destination is our Good Ole Buddy Hank's place (1977 Mauna Kea 200 Rider and keeper of MANY Nice Toys!) Hank pulled a guy out a couple of years back on a DS ride that was going the other way on Mana. Thanks again Hank!

Stan and Gary were the last starters on the mountain and were two of the five that actually rode over to Hank's place on Mana Rd (Rest bailed because it was too Cold after the mountain.....). Well Gary rode, a truck was sent after Stan's 300 seized and was at the end of the tow rope about 20 miles from the end point.

Hank's wife, Miss Southern Hospitality herself, was a gracious host, her and the ladies talked horses, dirt bikes, and other lady like things in the beautiful Waimea weather.

That's about it, a nice 114 mile weekend with good friends, good food, and fantastic riding. Ideally somebody else will add some more images but I just blew my wad!
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