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Originally Posted by lastplace View Post
Scott, you make the best routes I've ever ridden, even if they sometimes frustrate the hell out of me. This will be the ride of a lifetime. Please don't dumb it down. Participants should know that they've been on a real rally.
Charlie, it won't get dumbed down.

The first year we do have to be a bit careful not to overdo the difficulty and complexity. I tend to bite off more than is reasonable, and learn the hard way when we get back from many preruns well after dark. I know in this desert I can wipe everyone out with a 100 mile stage that is as smooth as a babyís butt! In prerunning, a 55 mile stage took the better part of a day and destroyed one motor. Another day we did 220 miles in a car, had an hour fish taco lunch break, and finished the route and dinner before the sun went down. Itís a little hard to judge how it will go until you guys get out there.

I have one stage in mind that has a 2 page roadbook that would take all day to ride. Skilton said it would be too gnarly for the cars. But the real challenge is that it goes right through an incredible protected nature preserve. So, . . . Iím going to do everything I can to make that one happen. If not the first year, then possibly the second! Maybe the cars can do a different route that day, or cut it in half for them?

Originally Posted by Goofy1 View Post
Not too far off topic BUT if you need ground support I'd like to volunteer. I'm way too old and slow to even want to race it.
Can you bring a fire engine siren, and kick it off in the bivouac at 2:00am each morning, just for the fun of it?
New desert racing frontiers
It will be Devilish !
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