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Thanks for posting Rob. The pic of you jumping off is really cool.

As always, Mauna Kea was an adventure. My whistle thermometer said it was 50 deg and it was raining for most of the way around the mountain. We were above the clouds.

Flat tire on the mountain.
I forgot to air my tires up after riding in the forest on Saturday and got a pinch flat. A 10 year old fix-a-flat did the trick and got me through the rest of the day.
There are a couple of tricks to deal with this. Had the fix-a-flat not worked, we could have used a strap to wrap around the tire. Put a loop in one end, go around the tire and rim and then wrap it around the rim/tire going all the way around the wheel. The other end goes on a spoke such that the wheel tightens the strap when it turns. It will destroy the tube and tire but it'll get you back. You can also use big zip ties. Another really good trick is to use grass like a mouse bib. I've never done that one but it's a good one to have in case you need. Just take one side of the tire off and then stuff as much grass as you can. Remount and go. This would probably work good combined with the strap method mentioned above.

We used a rock for a bike stand and a stick to hold a non-cooperative brake pad:

Nice view towards Honokaa:

This is the kind of stuff you go in if you run off the road at high speed. You definitely have to ride with your head because it'll be a while before you get off the moutnain if you get hurt. I don't think a helicopter can go this high either (>9k feet).

We did a good trail fix on that WR 250. Everyone should carry a tube of quick steel. I used it to fix my Tacoma truck radiator one time on the way to ride dirt bikes. Used my camel back water and drove it around like that for several weeks until I got my replacement. Still rode that day too!

We had plenty of help.

The fan had worn holes in the radiator because it was pushed back.

Garry and I after we finished the mountain.

"Buss up" is Hawaiian Pidgin slang for "busted up" or damaged.

Also, Garry's strap came in handy. Also a necessity.
In case you ever need to tow, just put a loop in one end and put it on the towing bike's foot peg. then wrap the other end around the handle bar with the end on a grip so you can release in case of an issue.

Norfolk Pine forest. These were planted back in the day to use to repair ships masts (or so I heard). We have a forest like this on Oahu too.

We went swimming in the rain on Monday. That water was sooooo cold. It was exhilarating.

Shipping the truck with four bikes back to Oahu. All of the gear is in the cab. No one ever has a problem with stuff missing. The guys at the dock are really cool. They even work on Memorial day because so many folks ship bikes and cars over and need to be back at work Tuesday morning.

Lots of good food and good friends. Can't wait for next year!
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