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Originally Posted by Drif10 View Post
Agree, but as you said 'for the most part'. I wonder at having different things like flywheel weights (for example) and how something like that would affect how the bike comes off corners. I realize that my example is highly simplistic compared to the alien magic smoke harnessed by a 213V, but it seems to make sense that there would be build/design factors that would compliment different tracks.

Plus, on the r&d side of things, testing different versions of this widget or that under race conditions would be added value.

Yes, they want to win championships. But as, or maybe even of more importance, is the return of investment on technologies developed.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall to find out what really goes on, why, and what they gain from it.

I believe they used to do that in the days of 500cc two strokes, when there was less electronic interference and engines could be rebuilt in between races (or even in between sessions). But two factors prevent that now. First, they only have five sealed engines to last a year, and so having a different spec engine to suit one track would cause too many problems at other tracks. And if that engine blows, then you lose any potential advantage anyway. Secondly, the possibilities offered by electronics and chassis set up is so much bigger that it is quicker and easier to tweak a few settings. Requires a lot less testing too. Changing and testing settings is 10 seconds and a few laps, changing and testing a different crank weight, well, you can imagine it's a little bit more time consuming.
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