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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
I don't think I would just do one pipe.... But that's just me. Be interesting how the PC-3 fares. Looking forward to the LC-1 results.
Here's some good light reading on the LC-1 performance: Integrated Wideband O2 Sensor.

Lately what I've been doing is installing to-be-tested sensors in my second bung (narrowband, shifted-narrowband, and pre-set Wideband) letting the test sensor drive the Motronic in Closed Loop and then using the LC-1 to collect and record data showing how the test sensor performs.

I'm very interested in the PC III USB since it has a native ability to run in Closed Loop (unlike every other Power Commander which are only Open Loop). I'm curious to see whether Dynojet has provided the correct analog needs of the dual-spark 1150.

After that I may try and adapt a PC V with Autotune and see what it comes up with for the 1150. There's no reason, with a stock exhaust (no air reversion issues) why you couldn't run a PCV for mapping and an LC-1 for Closed Loop. To keep them from fighting you'd just need to set up the PCV to not Autotune in the Closed Loop area; or you could Autotune while Open Loop, hand tweak the factors so there were no big changes cell-to-cell (actually you should do this as some point) and then stop Autotuning and run Closed Loop. This would mean one could remap for a custom exhaust but not lose the many benefits of Closed Loop.

After resolving air-reversion on the F800, it would be interesting to see the effect that the richer (and in some cases leaner, e.g. WOT) AFR targets you have set having on Spark Advance. When you get your GS-911 we could work that out if you wanted.


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