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Originally Posted by ColoradoBigfoot View Post
7k in two weeks is not 40k average for 10 years.
I'm fully aware poeple can rack up a lot of miles on their bikes, that's not my beef. In this case it just seams there are too many bikes, too many miles in too short of time that's all. Won't be the first time, nor the last, I've been wrong though.

Poor noob.

You need to post less and lurk a LOT more. A few months without spurting off would have introduced you to Donnie in a way that would keep you from getting publicly socked in the bollcoks.

why don't you go make us some sandwiches?

(then go stand in the corner until you're needed)

Donnie, now that you've sold the 1100, how did you find it?

Threads like these leave me nervous about the KTM I will have one day.
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