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I questioned Donnie's milage, big deal. He put on his big boy pants and addressed my "challenge". He replied with facts that support his claim.
If we, as people with a culture of language, are unwilling to challenge unusual claims of grandure then what is the point of communiction? Are we all to remian silent if we are not in lock-step with an opinion or statement? In the end Donnie got to tell us his story, which I'm sure he likes to do (wouldn't we all if we covered the miles he has). I, even though it does not matter two hoots to anybody but me, "believe" his high milage claims now. Ooooh I was wrong how terrible

Hey Bobbysands, thanks for your input. Your writing is so well thought out and original......reminds me of a woman who is watching her boyfriend about to get into a fight and is yelling obcinities and agrivating the situation from behind. Nice job.
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