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Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post
O.K., I admit I don't have 50K on my 950 S... Funny, I didn't buy it at all to ride on pavement. Although I adventure tour and like a twin for the long stretches between the trails. My 950 was a step up from my Transalp, which was also not meant to be a pavement pusher.

I've got about half the miles you require... Originally I was "saving" my mileage for dirt adventures as I think most people did when they first bought the KTM Adventure. But a funny thing happened on the way to the grocery store, the liquor store, the drug store... and everywhere else in between. I was always wanting to ride the KTM.

So I eventually gave in to the bike's pavement prowess and now even ride it into the office whenever the weather is good.

And I do some pretty fun long distance adventure rides with it regularly just to legitimize my ownership of it.

And I've done a decades worth of studying about the bike through manufacture forums/ plenty of tech discussions with 950 rallye mechanics, KTM product techs, all the aftermarket manufacturers... even chats with Pyn. All this to come up with my own little insight to this enchanting magic carpet ride on 2 wheels.

I think the bike runs fairly dependable in 25K mile cycles. During that time the typical basic "faire" (weak parts) generally requires replacements or upgrades... as listed in the HOW ( The "faire" has pretty much been listed so I'll spare you the details). And most of that "faire" is good for another 25K cycle of use. And of course this doesn't account for regular maintenance which is on it's own schedule.

I think you could get your 100K out of the bike and thoroughly enjoy it. But I would also think you'd want to have a nice set of spares of the usual "faire" as carryon during your travels. Or I'd also be aware of KTM parts accessibility along your routes when coinsidering using the 25K replacement cycles.

I don't think the 990 Adventure was originally intended to ride as maintenance free as a "Goldwing", but it has come a long ways since it's first release. But all of it's nuances are fairly common knowledge and the envelope of the bike certainly has a higher ceiling then most of us realize.

You would be one of the trail blazers if you can roll 100k miles on the odometer in a short time, say a year or two. And I'll be one to watch and follow what your experiences gather.

I'd say it's probably the perfect bike in between a KLR 650 and a GS12. Certainly more manueverable then the GS, but not as comfortable on the straight and narrow. Heavier at a standstill to the KLR 650 but smoother at speed and over the bumps.

You can always put 60K miles on your 990 and then buy a demo 1190 Adv after they've been out for a while... if you feel the need for a smoother ride at high speed cruise.

But I think you're in for a great time... we should all be so lucky... and envious.

I say prove us all fools.

I'm asking questions, but I already have the moto and I ain't selling it! We will see!
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