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Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post
According to Wiki Omeprazole is Prilosec and that's over the counter in the states and many other countries. Not sure how much you pay but I take Rantidine every so often (Prilosec is next to it on the counter) and it's pretty cheap at the WalMart.

Losartan, once again according to Wiki, is prescribed to folks who, among other things, don't tolerate an ACE inhibitor well. I have a prescription for an ACE inhibitor and one quirk that I have discovered is that despite what a couple of nurse friends have told me the bp drug that I take (Lisinopril) is much more expensive in Mexico than at the local Walgreens if you have their drug card. Appearantly all of those ACE inhibitors are pricey Down South. Just a data point but not everything is cheaper south of the border.

So yeah ... you are taking a wise course of action to pack them and document them.

Good luck!
Thanks...oddly enough, it is cheaper to purchase Omeprazole via RX than it is to buy it over the counter here in So Cal. I did take Lisinopril, but it didn't lower my BP as the Losartan does...

Kind of frustrating...I am not overweight, exercise regularly, don't smoke or drink and still, without meds, the BP is WAY high. Go figure.
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