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Originally Posted by dirtdadx View Post
I just smoked the clutch on my F650GS twin. It slips badly at around 4500 rpm, getting worse all the time. So I called Rekluse. Here are some bullet points I get from them, as best as I understood, and as much as they can be believed.

1) They are coming out with a clutch for the F800GS (I am sure it will also work with the F650GS) in 30 days.

2) It is one of the models that uses more stock components (I can't remember which one, the EXP?) so it won't be as expensive as some of the other options

3) For the work I am having done to my clutch right now, it won't matter, all of the parts that likely need repair/replacement would need to be replaced if I got the Rekluse, i.e. I won't be losing much by getting the clutch fixed now, then adding the Rekluse later. Maybe a little in labor I guess.

Seems to me that something like the Rekluse is the way to tame a big bike for off road use. I probably smoked the clutch due to how much I used the clutch off road, and you really need to. The big twin is hard to modulate at low speeds with the throttle only, it wants to lurch and lunge everywhere.

But will the Rekluse be more durable than a regular clutch slipping a lot? Or will it wear out just as fast if you ride slow off road a lot?
I will answer this as a general EXP question, and not specific to the 8GS. Yes it will last longer. When you are in tricky sections with stock clutch, you tend to slip it a lot. This is specially bad on the 8GS, as it is geared very high. The EXP will engage much more precise, than the average rider can, thus keeping the clutch slippage to a minimum. That said, if you slip this say in a high gear below the engagement rpm, and slip it there for a while, you will burn it out just as fast. Stay tuned....

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