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Originally Posted by christian View Post
I am getting closer to getting a lynx for a 2010 690R.
As I understand the newer design have:

- HIB ballast located in the lower chin area instead of up high.
- a 12V switch fused lead
- a 12V permanent fused lead
- a new Lexan protector is available instead of the sticky protector on each light.

Question, if I get a fairing with both halogen light, how much is the upgrade to HID later on for each light?

Thank you
Nearly right and I'm sorry that the website has not yet got the details of the new design.

FYI, the new one is the same price, has the same Lights and HID options and the same colour and decal choices. There is a new aluminum grill rock guard ( $38), but the new Lexan protector is about 3 weeks off. No problem getting the HID's down line and the price is the same at $180 for both, or $95 for just the low beam ( most popular choice). We also now supply DIN sockets ( $21)and twin USB charging sockets ( $38) which are plug 'n play with the new wiring harness. Also new is the choice of tinted or clear screen.

We are also now fitting a 10 second delay relay on the low beam circuit to overcome issues that some KTM guys have had with the HID lamp not firing up after the starter is used. This is because the starter drags so much out of the battery that there is insufficient voltage left to fire up the HID. The 10 second relay will solve this.

Other than the items listed, the new Lynx wraps up a number of items that I felt needed addressing after 5 years of the original. In particular, the new mounting system is much stiffer and the the relocation of the HID ballasts gets weight off the back of the dashboard and is much more convienient.

One more point. If you are ordering standard halogens, but feel that HID's are a possibility, make sure you let me know that so that we can drill the appropriate holes in the base of the fairing from our jig, otherwise you'll have difficulty fitting them later. If you wanted to go ahead soon, but wanted the Lexan shield, we would send it on later.

Cheers Ian
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