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Originally Posted by 5 speed View Post
Well amazingly this Yank somehow made it over to IOM. I was in London for work, pretty much finished up and didnt need to go to the office, couldnt get an earlier flight home without spending $$ so I booked a flight and a hotel room (last one at this hotel) and here I am I am pretty darn stoked even if I only today and tomorrow through 2pm before I need to head to the airport. Let me just say the Island is amazing!!! I am staying on Promenade Row and walked to the Grandstand area. Got there about 45 minutes before they were supposed to start off. Looked around then high tailed it down Bray Hill and got me a choice spot on the fence line mid way down. They started a little late and took a newcomer around then Rain at Ramsey !! I mean, was I not going to get to see anything? There was a big shower there and they delayed until 7:15. It started to rain but no matter the boys took off!! I can say that I have never seen anything like that before. They came flying over the hill and hit another gear at a good 130MPH and the front wheel went toward the sky, downhill The boys have balls of steel.

Having said that, there were more showers, and most pulled into the pits after the first lap. McGuinness said it was so wet you couldnt learn anything about the bike and it just wasnt worth going another lap. He was on the 600 and he said the big bike is what he really needs time on because its 'scarey' and you really need seat time to get it sorted and under control. Interesting comment coming from 'the man'. The interviewed a couple of other guys who said 60% of the track was wet with standing water in some places and you couldnt touch 5th and braking was an issue. Basically they all seem pretty disappointed; all the way through Wed and maybe they have 3 laps total each. The sidecars did more than one lap though, at least some of them and actually a couple of the bikes went more than one.

Well it wasnt much for my first TT but wouldnt trade it for the world. Maybe stars will align and I can make it next year. In any event here are a few pics

AWESOME thanks for the update and pics...please keep them coming.

I love the Mugen Shinden bike, really do ..those ice valley bikes look great too..they all do tbh.

Have a great TT
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