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Final Video Added

Here is the final video. *Its a long one (over 18 minutes), partly because I forgot to edit out some stuff. *Nobody needs to see quite as much of me eating popcorn as I accidentally included - but a side benefit is that it does convey some of the silence of the place.

On the other hand, I deliberately didn't edit the section of my struggles with the main wash-out. *The video doesn't quite manage to convey the depth of the gully, the looseness of the gravel or the steepness of the bank - or was that in my imagination and memory only?

In the end the video comes to a rapid conclusion. *I had originally planned to include lots of footage of the return journey back to eastern Ontario, mainly because much of the route was so delightful and traffic-free, but it would have dragged on far too long and taken half a lifetime to upload to youtube. *

Its amazing what fun one guy with an old bike can have in three short days if you stay off the super-slab.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


Video Link:

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