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took this last night...late....evening sun.

island in background is told to be the first inhabited place in ireland.....!!!

long time ago, someone called partholan landed here at mouth of river erne in north west ireland and he was the first or so the history dudes tell us !!

it is a tiny island, big enough for only one house where no one actually lives...

the bike is taking me to scotland - sunday morning i leave and head north, can't wait, weather is improving too...!!

bigger view of river..

enough of now, back to my trip...
next morning I just wanted to get up into the mountains again, to the twists, turns, and the snow..!

so back up towards Chiavenna again, this time stopping of course at Moreschi !

much cloudier today and cooler, but of course i was not thinking about that, all I wanted was the open road.

this is where you turn left to go up to splugen pass, straight ahead is real nice place to ski called Madesimo, very friendly too.

in case you were wondering about the yelllow arrow - i put a little arrow on my windshield using some electrical tape - just an arrow pointing right and writing 'keep right' on it as sometimes i dont be
thinking too deeply....!!!! it keeps me right on track (most of the time)..

it changes from warm to cooler to cool to cold to f**kin freezin almost unbeknownst to me at times and i was at the splugen pass in no time flat
cos i was having such fun on the twists..

stopped for a look around, took couple of pics, boring boring boring i know but you gotta do it just to admit you were there and all that nonsense

I was tempted to head on into the swiss again but the call from the other side was so much greater and time was the enemy

this is the view into the swiss, the top of the pass was the border but no border guards !!

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