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got interrupted, sorry
me, freezing

it was time to make like a shepherd and get the flock outta here..

see my 50 euro sticker on the windscreen...and my lifesaving yellow arrow !!

at home we drive/ride on the other side so i needed a reminder of which side to be can make for wierd riding on the twisties as not alone are they tight,
and steep and tricky enough without feeling you have to be on the wrong side of the road too...!!

so, on the way back down hill

dam big dam - with hardly any water in it........must be waiting for the big thaw (it was already may, time was getting on for a thaw !)

it slowly started getting greener as i came down the hill and a bit warmer too..!!!

this trip could be summarised as follows:

cold cold wet wet warm wet cold wet warm cold cold wet wet wet warm hot hot hot very hot very very hot too hot warm again

of course this could be used to summarised many relationships too !!!

it was lonesome enough up here, no cars or even cyclists to be seen anywhere !

great run down to the warmer bits and the air was thickening up a bit too, wierd but at the top it does feel rarefied and thinner !!

but maybe thats just cos it is so cold you breathe harder to keep warmer, who knows

back down to the bottom at a small place called Isola, not much here but in winter they have car races on ice, the track is like a massive donut...looks mighty !

but now it is melting hot.

this is where the icy races take place

i was looking up and could see some arches and how the road is really cut out of the side of the hill.....looks impressive to me anyway !

I made my way back to the lake knowing my trip was almost over....i had time to clean up the bike, sort out my stuff and go get a train for milan.

i didn't want to go but shit there was work and family and so many shitty commitments it felt like my chain had been yanked after getting such freedom..!!

what was also ringing in my ears all this time was when i was leaving my little girl, the youngest was hugging me and with her beautiful big sad eyes she said

'bye be daddy, i'll never see you again....'

how do you deal with that ? i wasn't the better of this little mouthful for a long time

and there is a saying ' out of the mouth of babes....'

now, every time i go on a bike trip she says the same thing.....she is an anxious little girl but i always come home to her, always.

if i didn't go on these trips i think that would also be bad for her also ?!! anyways

I always travel alone, i think i am good company for myself !!!

have to post this now, third time, got timed out or summat like dat
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