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Originally Posted by Gruesome View Post
Sounds really interesting. Could you tell us a little bit more about the abrasion and burst test results? Do they (TÜV) give you numbers, like, your jeans held up for so and so long in our abrasion test, or something like that? If not, what is the EN-13595 requirement?
It would be nice to replace the leather pants with something less warm for the summer, but I'd like to know how much abrasion resistance I'm actually foregoing by doing that.

And good luck with your enterprise!
Yes, TÜV did provide us with numbers, but that is something we have been advised not to share with the general public for competitive reasons. The main focus on the jeans was the protection factor, and it took us quite a bit of time to come up with our liner technology. What I can say is that under the abrasion tests, they lasted over 7 seconds, which falls under the CE EN 13595-2 Level 2 which is the highest rating under the standards.

What does this mean?
Under EN 13595-2 Level 2 - The garment zones 1 and 2 (the most affected while wearing the garment) must hold out for a minimum of 7 seconds.
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